No ESC is a virtual reality experience about the stress we experience due to the inundation of social notification via our devices. It replicates the feelings we get when we are unable to break free to a place of relaxation because we continuously feel pressured to answer an email or reply to a text message. The setting of the experience is a bedroom, nostalgic of a simpler time, perhaps one without devices. As the experience continues, the tone of the roomgrows more chaotic, while the player is able to interact with objects. Eventually weapons falls, allowing the player to smash the devices and suddenly the game shifts to a calming nature environment free of the chaotic stress of the devices…except for one last text message. There really is no escape. 

For this game I put together the team who executed the build that included myself (Artist & Art Director), Jeremy McKeheen (Artist), Prashast Thapan (Developer), Michelle Cortese (Artist & Developer), and Calvin Pia (Sound Designer).  This experience has been shown at IAM Festival in Barcelona, Wavelength Exhibition in Beijing, China, and several events in NYC including with Alt ESC at Small Editions Gallery (Brooklyn), Felt Zine at Superchief Gallery (Brooklyn), and VR World (Manhattan). Soon it will also be show in Germany and will also be available on Steam.

You can view the full game play through below: