The first basketball shoes are created by Spalding in 1907. Since then a lot of technological advancements are done and the shoes are upgrading. Thanks to the era of technology. Basketball shoes reflect the team spirit and every athlete wants a desirable style. The upgraded, advanced, stylish and technologically improved version of the sneaker is basketball shoes.

Selecting the perfect basketball shoes is a tough choice. There are tons of different types of basketball shoes from major brands and buyers tend to get confused. So here is the list of some Top brands basketball sneakers reviews with the pros and cons.

  1. Nike Kyrie 4

The first on the list is the latest shoe of the Nike Kyrie lineup, Nike Kyrie 4. It is indeed one of the best shoes available. It is flexible, made for quick cuts and smooth gameplay.

Pros – mesh upper, zoom air cushioning, zigzag cutout, multi-directional traction

Cons – the traction needs to be broken in which is annoying

  1. Adidas Harden 2

The second version of the Adidas Harden lineup is one of the best basketball shoes. It is smooth, easy to grip and made for the big players.

Pros – boost cushioning, custom lacing system, evolved traction pattern, Forgefiber upper

Cons – not easy to fit properly for some players

  1. Jordan Why Not Zero.1

Having a full-length zoom air and synthetic upper, it is a perfect fit for smooth gameplay.

Pros – traction, the cushion is excellent and the materials are suitable

Cons – due to the stiff midsole, some break-in time is required

  1. Nike PG2

The zoom air and the mesh are forefeet and it has the best traction.

Pros – adaptive lockdown wings, cushion, fit, traction

Cons – no cons, it is the best shoe

  1. Nike KDX

The Kevin Durant series of the Nike beats all of its predecessors.

Pros – multi tractioned rubber, air zoom cushioning, thick heel, thin forefoot sole, zoned flyknit upper.

Cons – it may feel a bit heavy for some players, otherwise, there are no cons.

  1. Anta KT3

It is inspired by Klay Thompson and it is made with a lightweight upper built to gain speed.

Pros – supportive knit upper, cuts, traction, cushioning, wide feet

Cons – fitting of the ankle strap

  1. Adidas Dame 4

Full-length bounce midsole, durable, flexible and textile mesh upper make it a perfect shoe.

Pros – cushion, materials, traction, court feel

Cons – collar break-in is hard

  1. LI-NING way of Wade 6

Cloud foam carrier and drive foam forefoot with a knitted upper make it a simple and great basketball shoe.

Pros – cushion, materials

Cons – due to the simple design it has no cons

  1. Nike Lebron 15

Having full length articulated max zoom air and battle it upper, the latest version of Nike Lebron series is one of the best basketball shoes.

Pros – cushion and the materials, lightweight

Cons – fitting is not perfect for everyone

  1. Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK

Attractive design with Adidas intuitive technology makes it a perfect choice.

Pros – lightweight, seamless fused mesh upper, anatomical lacing system, traction, cushion, and fittings.

Cons – low profile toe box and the ventilation

Want to decide the game at the last moment and be the gamechanger? These are the perfect options for you. Best wishes!